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Technical analysis is a technique that traders or investors use to identify the trend, strength and price potential of an asset. It can also be incorporated into strategies and produce forecasts or probabilities on future price direction. There are a variety of assets that can be plotted and analysed on charts including cryptocurrencies, shares, metals, bonds, indexes.... basically anything that has a value over time. 

Whilst we believe technical analysis is the most important tool when it comes to trading or investing, it is recommended to be used alongside other components to make up your complete trading or investing strategy.

Blue Sky Breakout offers a variety of technical support for cryptocurrencies, global share markets and commodities. We do not offer financial advice and recommend you seek the services of a professional financial advisor if required.

Consultations are conducted through Zoom and booked in half hour time slots. The fee for a half hour session is $60 AUD, to be paid prior to the commencement of the consultation. To get the most from your session, it is recommended that you prepare and preferably email in advance topics that you wish to discuss.

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